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Our Story
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During an overseas business trip in 2016, we discovered an intriguing cooking innovation: coconut charcoal being used as a fuel to grill food. 

Our passion for food drove us to engage with local coconut growers, who shared the notable features of coconut charcoal, and we knew we were on to something important. 

We liked that coconut charcoal lasts longer than wood charcoal and doesn’t spark or smoke. 

But we loved the possibility of fueling a grill while helping the planet and saving trees!

That’s what drove us to pioneer the coconut charcoal concept in the food industry by launching ZENFIYAH coconut charcoal for restaurants and home grilling in 2018.

ZENFIYAH burns three times longer than wood charcoal, and that increased efficiency reduces CO2 emissions while you cook your meals.

We dream of a day when all grills, saunas, and fireplaces on the planet are powered by green solutions like ZENFIYAH.

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