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All-Natural Restaurant Charcoal Briquettes

Our coconut shell charcoal is the highest-quality all-natural restaurant charcoal for sale online. It’s no secret that wood burning charcoal leaves behind smoke and odors and unfortunately uses the wood from trees to burn. Our passion for food helped push us to work toward providing natural and healthy charcoal alternatives for grilling. Our uniform, food service-grade, hexagonal-shaped briquettes are made using a unique technique that allows restaurants to obtain the high performance required in day-to-day operations. ZENFIYAH makes it easy to enhance your grilling experience using an eco-friendly grilling charcoal that’s perfect for the next meal you prepare.

Our restaurant BBQ briquettes last three times longer than wood charcoal, bringing unprecedented savings to the professional kitchen. If you’re a BBQ pro, our coconut charcoal is perfect for low and slow grilling. 

ZENFIYAH coconut charcoal does not spark—which reduces liability risk in the kitchen—or smoke—which reduces the carbon accumulated in the kitchen exhaust system, saving money and cleaning time.

When you use ZENFIYAH, you have a uniform briquette made of coconut charcoal that carries no waste inside the bag, allowing professional kitchens to control costs and increase efficiency.

ZENFIYAH’s restaurant charcoal briquettes require half the weight of wood charcoal to do the same job, meaning that 4,000 lbs. of wood charcoal can be replaced by 2,000 lbs. (or less) of coconut charcoal. This difference offers significant savings in money, storage space, and time.

With a love for the way food tastes and cooks when using our all-natural restaurant coconut charcoal for sale, it’s no wonder these items have become such hot sellers.

Here at ZENFIYAH, we understand that it’s not always easy to find a sustainable alternative for better grilling. Our experts are here to help make the experience much simpler. Conveniently select the coconut charcoal products you need, and we’ll have them shipped directly to your chosen location. Choose the best all-natural restaurant charcoal briquettes available, and shop with ZENFIYAH today.

Zenfiyah coconut charcoal briquettes
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