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3 Ways To Make Your BBQ Grill More Eco-Friendly

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

3 Ways To Make Your BBQ Grill More Eco-Friendly

Although there are worse things for the environment than grilling your food, you might still be wondering how to reduce your environmental impact while you cook. Combating air pollution and lowering your carbon footprint requires careful consideration, especially in the food industry.

So, if you want to make greener choices while you cook, we have you covered. Here are three ways to make your BBQ grill more eco-friendly.

Use the Right Charcoal

Since charcoal creates more air pollution than a gas or electric grill, you need to ensure that the charcoal you use is the greenest option available. Natural coconut charcoal briquettes are an eco-friendlier option than traditional restaurant BBQ charcoal because they don’t release the same chemicals as regular charcoal.

Ordinary charcoal contains many pollutants which help it burn longer. These pollutants also increase the carbon output. Coconut charcoal burns longer and with fewer additives. In addition to being better for the environment, coconut charcoal also adds less charcoal flavoring to your food.

Light the Charcoal Properly

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) destroy the ozone and are detrimental to the environment. Burning lighter fluid accounts for thousands of VOCs being put into the atmosphere each year, so you can benefit the environment significantly by lighting your charcoal with a different method.

Instead of using lighter fluid or self-lighting charcoal, use an electric charcoal starter, natural combustion agent, or a charcoal chimney. When you use these, you’ll light your fire more safely.

Invest in Your Grill for the Long Term

Using a gas or electric grill might be greener than using a charcoal one—but in the restaurant industry, you need a grill that can handle everything you throw at it. If you replace your grill every few years, it’s more damaging to the environment compared to making a one-time purchase. Buying a grill with lasting durability saves you money in the long run. It reduces your carbon footprint by avoiding the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping that comes with a new grill.

Enjoying delicious grilled food doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment. Now that you know three ways to make your BBQ grill more eco-friendly, you can say goodbye to your worries and hello to some yummy food.

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