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4 Useful Tips for Grilling in Small Spaces

4 Useful Tips for Grilling in Small Spaces

Grilling is a great way to spend time outside with family and friends and make some delicious food. Though grilling sure brings the flavor, it also has hazards you need to consider. Sparks, ash, and high temperatures make grilling a bit more challenging in tight spaces. That’s why Zenfiyah has compiled four useful tips for grilling in small spaces to ensure that your backyard barbecue goes smoothly.

Be Conscience of Your Space

It’s always good to have spatial awareness when grilling, but especially when you’re in a smaller space. Take note of your surroundings before igniting any charcoal, and remove any nearby flammable items that are susceptible to combustion.

Use Sparkless Charcoal

One of the biggest hazards of grilling in small spaces is sparks. Sparks occur when charcoal with gas pockets ignites, causing the gas pockets to overheat and pop.

A surefire way to avoid something catching fire from sparks in a small space is to use sparkless charcoal. Coconut charcoal briquettes burn smokeless and sparkless, making them much less risky for close quarters. They also burn about three times longer than regular lump charcoal, so they’re a cost-effective choice too.

Consider Your Grill

Not all grills are the same. If your setup is a little claustrophobic, one of the best useful tips for grilling in small spaces is to swap out a bulky grill for a mini camping grill. A smaller grill will still infuse mighty flavor into your food without crowding the space. If you don’t own one already, you’re in luck—many quality miniature grills run for a mere $20.

Always Keep Clean

Grease and fat are extremely flammable, and they can build up on your grill grates quickly if you don’t clean your grill regularly. No matter how large or small your space is, you always want to cook with a clean setup to reduce your risk of a fire.

Review Your Grill’s Manual

If you’re new to grilling, take a moment to understand grilling best practices specific to your grill. Review your grill’s manual to confirm its temperature limitations and additional user safety recommendations.

At Zenfiyah, we supply charcoal that burns steady, smokeless, and odorless. The perks of our products make them ideal for both small and spacious decks or patios. Browse our website today for coconut shell charcoal that promotes a breezy and sustainable grilling experience.

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