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Coconut Shell vs. Activated Charcoal: What To Know

Coconut Shell vs. Activated Charcoal: What To Know

If you’ve spent any time looking at products from the health and beauty industry, you’ve probably heard of activated charcoal. Have you ever wondered what it is and why people use it?

Activated charcoal contains tiny pores that make it an effective binding agent for any chemicals or molecules. People use it during food preparation, in their beauty routine, and even when they brush their teeth. Read on for coconut shell vs. activated charcoal: what to know.

The Benefits of Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes

If you want a more environmentally friendly burning solution for grilling, look no further than coconut shell charcoal briquettes. They’re odorless and smoke-free when you burn them, and they also have health benefits when you use them.

For instance, adding trace amounts of coconut shell activated charcoal to your diet can help digestion and offer relief from bloating. However, most people use charcoal for cooking, and coconut shell charcoal briquettes burn consistently and thoroughly. They benefit the planet by substituting wood charcoal, which saves trees and retains heat, leading to less wasteful burning.

Coconut activated charcoal powder also works exceptionally well in shampoo because of its porous quality. There are many benefits to using coconut shell charcoal.

The Benefits of Hardwood Activated Charcoal

Although both hardwood and coconut activated charcoal work well as grill starters, hardwood is more common for this purpose because wood is more abundant than coconuts. Also, hardwood charcoal is easier to clean off than coconut, so people enjoy less hassle after cooking time ends.

In addition, hardwood activated charcoal is a companion to toothpaste because it efficiently absorbs color, making it great for teeth whitening. All you need to do is apply it to your teeth and leave it there for a few minutes, and then you can scrub it off. Fighting acne and healing burns are two other benefits that hardwood activated charcoal boasts.

Additional Considerations for Activated Charcoal

Anyone new to incorporating activated charcoal into their daily routine should start with a minimal amount to gauge how much their body can handle. All it takes is a half to a full teaspoon to gain the benefits.

Like anything else, there are side effects to overexposure to activated charcoal. Seek approval from your doctor before taking it with medicine because its absorbent nature might affect the medicine’s potency.

Never attempt to make activated charcoal at home with the ones you use for barbecuing because they might contain harmful chemicals meant for sustaining fire. However, you can safely add coconut shell and hardwood activated charcoal to your diet when you use it properly.

Overall, there are countless benefits to using activated charcoal. After reading this guide to coconut shell vs. activated charcoal, consider purchasing some today.

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