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ZENFIYAH Coconut Charcoal Pillow-Shape Briquette 8 lbs.

SKU: FS10009
  • Details If you want an eco-friendly charcoal option that enhances the grilling process, look no further than ZENFIYAH. Our pillow-shaped coconut shell briquette burns longer and cleaner—it produces a perfect smoke balance, less ash, and it provides steady heat for hours of cooking. Buy these briquettes for your next family cookout


    • Our pillow-shape briquette, sustainable charcoal works for home barbecuing, direct and indirect grilling as well as smoking.
    • Burns longer
    • Requires 50% less quantity than wood charcoal
    • The 8-lb. box includes two individual bags with 4 lbs. suitable for four grilling uses
    • 100% Natural


    Remember! This is an eco-friendly product made of coconut shells, and it doesn't light-up as fast as wood charcoal. it could take twice longer to fully ignite but this sustainable charcoal is worthy! 

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