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Competition Charcoal

If you’re a regular on the competitive grilling circuit, you know that every component is key to your success. From the high-quality meats you choose to the grilling process you use, every detail matters. At ZENFIYAH, we want to help you create perfection with the best competition charcoal on the market.

Our coconut shell charcoal is already a winner on its own, so you’re sure to see success when you choose it. For those long afternoons at your favorite cookoffs, our charcoal will outlast your competitors’ by a mile. Our hexagonal briquettes burn three times longer than wood charcoal, and you’ll replenish the grill less often. ZENFIYAH coconut shell charcoal also delivers a steady heat for low and slow cooking. With our charcoal, you’ll enjoy maximum control over each dish you prepare.

Another thing we love about our coconut shell BBQ briquettes is their versatility with taste. If people know your recipes for their iconic mesquite or hickory flavor profiles, you can still add your favorite type of wood to the grill to inject these earthy aromas into your meats. Our competition charcoal also doesn’t smoke, so you can trust that you’re getting pure, full-bodied flavor in everything you cook. The absence of smoke and sparks also makes your station more comfortable for judges who stop by to taste your food.

If all this wasn’t enough, coconut shell briquettes are also the most eco-friendly option regarding barbecuing. Unlike wood charcoal, no trees are cut down to produce ZENFIYAH briquettes. It also burns cleaner, resulting in very little soot or ash.

There is no better way to stand out at your next cookoff than with ZENFIYAH’s competition charcoal. Your station will be the hit of the day, and you’ll love the coconut briquettes’ efficient and long-lasting benefits.

Shop our coconut shell BBQ briquettes now to get a leg up on the competition. 

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