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ZENFIYAH is a compressed charcoal briquette made of 100% natural coconut shells for your
grill. Our chemical-free charcoal briquettes burn three times longer than other grill charcoals and
require a lot less replenishing, due to their consistent burn and temperature. When you need a
healthier way to grill, ZENFIYAH is the best option.

ZENFIYAH Coconut Charcoal Hexagonal Briquette 20 lbs.

Artikelnummer: FS100016
  • Our hexagonal charcoal briquette is graded for the food service industry and home grilling. This
    20 lbs box will last you for several cookouts—and you’ll use significantly fewer briquettes than
    you would using wood charcoal. ZENFIYAH’s coconut charcoal briquettes are perfect for slow
    cooking at restaurants, cookoffs, and other events where you need to feed a lot of people. Order
    your supply today to discover the difference this charcoal truly makes.
    ● Throw few, if any, sparks so your grilling area stays safe
    ● It burns cleaner and 3 times longer than wood charcoal and can be reused and
    combined with new briquettes to fill the firebox space.
    ● Enjoy the steady heat, which allows you to control your cooking better and easier.
    ● For unbeatable smoke flavor, you must try Zenfiyah coconut charcoal. Simply add your
    preferred wood next to the briquettes and experience the ultimate smoking experience.
    ● We also make our contribution to the environment by not using trees to grill.

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